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Founder/CEO/Executive Producer


If a man’s passion for his craft is measured by the length of the mustache he grows then one look at Jon Henderson’s handle barred masterpiece says it all.  It’s hard to label a man that means so many different things to so many people - but here goes: President and Executive producer for Goodtime Tricycle Productions, entrepreneur, Dad, beer-aficionado, cigar-rights-activist, and self-proclaimed speed freak (not the amphetamines kind)

For the last 20 years this refugee of normalcy has made AC his home and place of work; originally starting out at Resorts Casino, as a casino marketing representative, Jon carved quite the niche out for himself, much in the same way Luke Skywalker carved up that Ton-ton and slept inside its stinking carcass.  From those humble beginnings he has literally worked in all facets of the gaming/hospitality/event-planning industry, Jon’s illustrious career has even been compared to that of a White House dinner going through Al Roker’s small intestine – there have been several twists and turns, a little indigestion along the way, maybe even a hiccup or two, but in the end, someone is going to have to change their pants. Now self-employed and suit-less, this consummate creator has become an independent entrepreneur, starting his own company - Good Time Tricycle Productions, and setting his sights on developing unique life style events and weekends such as The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo(one of the countries longest running tattoo events), The AC Beer and Music Festival (one the largest beer events in the country),as well as several other regional projects.


A dynamic and caring personality, Jon spends his time creating these experiences and consulting on others to drive thousands upon thousands to the Atlantic City region, not only because he believes whole-heartedly in exposing the masses to such an underdog beach-front destination, but because his dream is to make enough money to fill a ‘Scrooge McDuck’ style vault, so he can go swimming in his riches.

Jon Henderson and the Good Time Tricycle team are responsible for moving over 125,000 humans through Atlantic City annually creating an estimated 18 million dollars in economic impact for the region, hosting lifestyle events to keep Atlantic City a relevant entertainment destination.   


Retail & Finance Manager

Project Manager/Event Coordination



Event Coordination