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Founder/CEO/Executive Producer


If a man’s passion for his craft is measured by the length of the mustache he grows then one look at Jon Henderson’s handle barred masterpiece says it all.  It’s hard to label a man that means so many different things to so many people - but here goes: President and Executive producer for Goodtime Tricycle Productions, entrepreneur, Dad, beer-aficionado, cigar-rights-activist, and self-proclaimed speed freak (not the amphetamines kind)

For the last 20 years this refugee of normalcy has made AC his home and place of work; originally starting out at Resorts Casino, as a casino marketing representative, Jon carved quite the niche out for himself, much in the same way Luke Skywalker carved up that Ton-ton and slept inside its stinking carcass.  From those humble beginnings he has literally worked in all facets of the gaming/hospitality/event-planning industry, Jon’s illustrious career has even been compared to that of a White House dinner going through Al Roker’s small intestine – there have been several twists and turns, a little indigestion along the way, maybe even a hiccup or two, but in the end, someone is going to have to change their pants. Now self-employed and suit-less, this consummate creator has become an independent entrepreneur, starting his own company - Good Time Tricycle Productions, and setting his sights on developing unique life style events and weekends such as The Atlantic City Tattoo Expo(one of the countries longest running tattoo events), The AC Beer and Music Festival (one the largest beer events in the country),as well as several other regional projects.


A dynamic and caring personality, Jon spends his time creating these experiences and consulting on others to drive thousands upon thousands to the Atlantic City region, not only because he believes whole-heartedly in exposing the masses to such an underdog beach-front destination, but because his dream is to make enough money to fill a ‘Scrooge McDuck’ style vault, so he can go swimming in his riches.

Jon Henderson and the Good Time Tricycle team are responsible for moving over 125,000 humans through Atlantic City annually creating an estimated 18 million dollars in economic impact for the region, hosting lifestyle events to keep Atlantic City a relevant entertainment destination.   

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Project Manager & Event Coordinator

Jersey born and raised, Bre is full of passion, dedication, some slices of pizza, a little beer, and a lot of ambition to create a good time for others. After spending way too long getting a college degree, she graduated at the beginning of the end of the world with a degree in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management studies from Stockton University.  

Here is what the critics say:

“Small but spunky, a problem solver to the core, a fun lover, and a good time facilitator. No festival is too big, no oyster too salty, and no lager too crispy for this girl.” – Brad, Husband

“GETS SHIT DONE. And then celebrates over good beer and fresh guacamole.” – Gab, Keg Queen

“Creative, resourceful, and up-for-any challenge. Lover of craft beer, cross-stitching, and her fur baby Lucy.” – Alex, Former Employer

“Double B” is to GTT, what “The Wizard” is to the Wizard of Oz: Small, weird, and mostly unseen…” – CC, Festival Emcee

“Great with beer, pretty okay with PDFs” Pat, Friend & Personal IT Consultant


Event Coordinator

My mom calls me her eccentric child and that about sums it up, but if you’d like to know more here it is… They say that big things come in small packages and I am here to prove that right. At a mighty 5’ I not only have enough energy and enthusiasm for myself but for everyone else at the party. I’ve spent the majority of my young adult life partying and decided to turn that into my career. After graduating from Stockton University with a degree in Hospitality (before the shiny new AC campus came about) I made it my life’s mission to bring people together and help them experience the joy life has to offer. From Philly sports bars to Atlantic City’s fine dining scene, I have done it all and now here I am with Good Time Tricycle, using my experience to ensure our events are top-notch and second to none. I also bring the entire Taylor Swift musical catalog to the team whether they like it or not! Happily married to my high school sweetheart and expecting our first baby boy this summer, I’m not entirely sure how she puts up with me

but I’m eternally grateful for her!

I bring my spunky & wild personality to every event so if you spot me come say hi…I love hugs! 

In case you didn’t believe me when I said wild, here are 5 of my favorite songs I love to belt out in the car or in public, I’m not shy. 

Duality - Slipknot 

Regulate -Warren G & Nate Dogg

I Did Something Bad - Queen Taylor Swift

FTS- Showtek

Homies 2 Smoke With - Violent J

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Keg Queen aka Beverage Distribution & Operations

Without this girl, no beer makes it into or out of the festival! Our team "Keg Queen" Gab started slinging kegs with the Good Time Tricycle crew back in 2018 when she first met Jon. Gabrielle has a passion for beer (duh), bartending and all things business. She is a two-time Stockton graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and an MBA. In addition to her role as "Beverage Chick" with Good Time Tricycle (yes, she made up her own title), Gab is months away from finally opening Royal Bine Brewing, an Absecon-based microbrewery she'll share custody of with her dad, Kenny. Gab is also the co-owner of Shake & Strain, a premier in-home bartending experience whose mission is to share the art of bartending with anyone intrigued by the craft. Even though, without fail, Gab manages to drop at least one 40lb. bag of ice on her toe at every Good Time event, she wouldn't trade the icy pain for any of the fun she's had or lessons she's learned as a member of the coolest team of event planning badasses around!

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Social Butterfly - Intern Emeritus

When not sleeping on the streets of New York to get the front row at a Harry Styles concert, you can find Mackenzie in the office trying to persuade her dad to get him to be the next AC Beerfest headliner. Mackenzie has been a part of Good Time Tricycle since the start, from slinging merch to hunting down the most obscure food on the talent’s riders and introducing the team to the latest TikTok trends, she can do it all!

Mackenzie is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s at Stockton University for a degree in hospitality. She has grown up in the live event industry, fueling her passion for festivals and concerts, striving to make every festival it's very best. If she’s not working a festival, you’ll probably find her at attending one, or waiting in a 7-hour queue for Taylor Swift tickets. In her free time, Mackenzie is either spending time with her pigs, getting a new tattoo, or trying to find her new favorite movie.

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